The year is 1783 in the Era of Lords.

Political Instability,floods,hurricanes,plague and all other manners of disaster have gripped the world in a choke-hold of chaos, that will change however.

You are a few villagers from the land of Zenmytia who have experienced a supernatural event in your home-town of Agnes, an ominous keep hs appeared nearby the village and is causing the wildlife nearby to go mad with rage and lust for blood. It also is generating a fog which as shown by when the village elder died inside of it, turns all living beings that die inside of the fog to become a servant of whatever dark power lies inside of the keep. Trying to leave has proven futile as anyone who tries to escape this dark power mysteriously awakens in the town square with no recollection of the last fourty-eight hours. To make matters worse a grand wizard from the distant One-Hundred Kingdoms has entered the village and he has declared that within a year a cataclysmic event known as the Evangelism will occur and cover the surface of this world in the fog and bring the age of Lords to its final conclusion.

Now you villagers have been selected by the remaining elders to enter the dark keep and rid the world of whatever evil lies inside.

The Era of Lords

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